Lucie, or the “Apartment movie”, as we call it familiarly due to its single location, is more of a little observational interlude than a stoutly narrated story. It begins with a party and ends in solitude. The object of the portrait is a girl named Lucie and her sadly unstable emotional life, or one characteristic moment of it.

As for the genre, we are definitely dealing with a comedy. As for the style, we’re exploring realism as much as possible.

As for the actors and actresses, the movie is for the most part a cute duet between Petra Nesvačilová and Samuel Neduha. Anna Purkrábková and Bohdan Karásek appear in slightly smaller parts. Maybe even Gaetano Donizetti...

Director of Photography: Braňo Pažitka, Art Director and Second camera operator: Zdeněk Eliáš, Sound engineer: Jan Hála, Director and Editor: Bohdan Karásek.

We will be happy to accept requests for the whole movie, as long as the interested person is willing to cover the costs of making one disc and its postage.