Alfred Bouriana Film Company is a production unit residing in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded by Bohdan Karásek in 2011 in order to harness both his directing and producing pursuits, with close co-operation of several friends.

We commit ourselves to low-budget film production outside of any institutional support “from above“. However, that isn’t to say we never showed any interest in assistance of this type, but we found it wise to leave it alone. As a result we now seek new and constructive ways of getting by in the filmmaking process on our own.

Currently, we’ve found one possible way in the idea of using the chamber cinema form, which is relying upon props in the surrounding reality, with everybody concerned doing everything for free. It can be named in various ways, such as ‘home movie’, ‘courtyard movie’ – and the chain of related terms can lead up to the proud ‘independent cinema’.

All film crewmembers are professionally qualified for their work, so, what we take from the word ‘amateur’ is the aspect of loving the thing itself and understanding that it is important to remain within a process of learning in order to preserve this love.

On these pages we’d like to present the partial results of our work or links to them. We always appreciate any reactions or opinions from the outside. We take feedback very seriously, since even in our case, regardless of superstitions, it applies that our target group is nothing but the viewers and we see the dialogue between the author and the audience as being a fundamental meaning of our love for filmmaking.

We are open to any form of co-production or distribution.